Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Etsy Shop is Live!

I had so much fun sewing the DPN holders for my last tutorial, that I decided to whip up a whole bunch more and list them for sale in my Etsy shop, opened today!

If you don't feel like sewing your own, head on over and have a gander. All of these are fully interfaced on both the exterior and interior pieces, pre-washed, and I added a twill tape ribbon tab so you can hang it up for easy storage or use a clip to secure it to your project bag.

Stay tuned for future updates. Hopefully I will continue to add more DPN Holders in different patterns, as well as notions pouches, project bags (maybe), and possibly even a skein of handspun yarn from time to time.

Happy knitting, y'all!


  1. These look great! Love your labels :)

  2. I love them and just ordered two! What is the white sock pattern?

  3. I love them and just ordered two! What is the white sock pattern?

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy them! The sock pattern in called Honey Badger by Irish Girlie Knits and is free on Revelry. :)

  4. These and all looking so cool :) Etsy is a great way for crafters to sell goods online without having to navigate the complexities.

    Smith Holdway

  5. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a DPN holder, I’m so happy I came across yours! I love these little pouches and the labels are a gorgeous touch that definitely helps them stand out of the crowd! The fabrics are irresistibly cute. I’m curious: where did you get the labels from? They would come in handy for so many DIYs, and I would love to get a few for myself. Thanks!

    Lindsey @ Nosto Solutions Ltd

  6. Love your dpn's case, and your socks are lovely, too. I will head over to your Etsy shop and place an order.